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Teachers How Can We Help?

Teachers: How Can We Help?

During these challenging times you, teachers, have so much on your plates. Thank you for everything you do. We here at Temple Jeremiah want to know how we can help you, your classrooms, your students, or your school. We know some students relied on school lunches for meals, but we may not even be aware of other needs. Social Justice remains a pillar of our values and so we would love to help, if we can.

We also want to invite you to a special Teacher Virtual Lounge. Grab a glass of wine or warm tea, snuggle into your couch, and Zoom with other teachers. Commiserate about your challenges, share your successes, and just connect. There is a question asking for your preferred meeting day/time, let us know what would work best!

Please contact Dina with any questions at

We want to help. Do you know of students who need meals? Supplies? Virtual tutors? Please tell us any way that we can help. Include as much detail as possible including where donations can be sent or dropped off.
We would love to host a Virtual Lounge for teachers to connect together. Please check the best times for a Zoom chat. 
Or comment with the best time for you to meet.
Wed, September 23 2020 5 Tishrei 5781